The Dahua DH-IPC-HDW3549HP-AS-PV-0280B-S3 is a 5 Megapixel, 3 in one camera, otherwise known as the TiOC. The 3 standout features being AI Wizsense, an AI chip with a deep learning algorithm, full-colour technology for colour recording at night and active deterrence features utilising a built-in siren, red and blue strobe lights, and a microphone and loudspeaker, also providing 2-way audio. The camera is a powerhouse of features providing a unique and highly effective surveillance solution. Active deterrence can be used to its full potential or disarmed to suit the security requirement.

WizSense Series – Engineered to provide smart, simple and affordable security. WizSense series cameras support an independent AI chip with a deep learning algorithm to provide a more intelligent and simple security solution focused on human and vehicle detection. This helps filter out false alerts triggered by bugs, changes in light, leaves, trees and animals.

Three-in-One Camera (TiOC) integrates 24/7 full-colour, active deterrence and artificial intelligence into one smart and innovative solution, greatly saving time and financial costs. TiOC can accurately identify potential risks and effectively warn off intruders protecting life and property.

Full Colour uses a warm LED light that enables the camera to capture 24/7 vivid colour video even in the dark. Significantly increases the probability of collecting valid human, vehicle, and event evidence through brighter monitoring. Also works with AI functions to further enhance the probability and accuracy of target recognition and feature extraction with 98% AI accuracy at night.

Active Deterrence camera actively warns off intruders with built-in flashing lights, siren and audible commands. The lights can be configured to steady or flash. The camera is equipped with pre-recorded audible commands with the option to add your own content.


  • 5MP 1/2.7″ CMOS image sensor, low luminance, and high definition image. Outputs max. 5MP (2592 × 1944)@20 fps and 4MP (2688 ×
    1520)@25/30 fps
  • Features up to H.265+ high-efficiency video encoding and Triple-Streaming
  • NEW!! Smart Motion Detection Plus 3.0 (SMD+), greatly reduces false alarms in motion detection by only detecting humans and vehicles. Now with even Less false alarms and longer detection distance
  • NEW!! Now with Built-in warm light and IR LED; the max. IR illumination distance is 30m and warm light distance is 30m
  • Triggers real-time alerts to a smart device through the iOS/Android app
  • Supports tripwire and intrusion detection IVS Intelligent Video Surveillance
  • Full-Colour Capability: Built-in warm light illuminator with max distance: 30m for colour recording at night
  • Built-in siren and blue/red flashing strobe lights for active deterrence. Triggered by smart detection with real-time alerts to a smart device
  • One-tap disarming of active deterrence features
  • Starlight colour recording down to 0.003 lux
  • Built-in DUAL mics and loudspeaker for 2 way audio
  • Supports pre-recorded audible commands with the option to add your own customised content
  • Alarm: 1 in, 1 out; audio: 1 in, 1 out
  • Supports PoE “Power-Over-Ethernet” installation
  • Supports MicroSD Card Storage up to 256 Gigabytes
  • Resilient “Weather-Proof” Ingress Protection Rating (IP67)
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